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  1. Hey Paul – huge fan of the site/blog! Been keeping up with kong-cast for a while now, and think you guys are doing an amazing job. I recently started a blog myself and would really appreciate your feedback:

    The site is just a place for me to rant about issues in cinema (with a focus on HK cinema) and document this ’12-month film festival tour’ that I’m doing in Toronto. Anyways, I’m just starting to promote the site a bit more and make use of Twitter, so hearing what you think would be really valuable to me.

    Thanks, and Happy Holidays!


  2. Hi guys,

    Long time listener, possibly first/second time commenter.

    I was just wondering is there an east film (or west if you can’t think of any) that has a scene where China’s Great Firewall is addressed (even in passing, like using a VPN in the Mainland).

    I don’t watch a lot of HK/China films nowadays, so I was just wondering is this even a thing that has been represented in film .

    Anyways, I’m glad that you guys are still active!

    Thanks for all the film reviews over the years,

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