All work and no play…

For the handful of folks out there that listen to our podcast, and for the even smaller minority that visit this site from time to time, I just wanted to post a quick update.  With the HKIFF in full swing and with a relative in town, Kevin has a sum total of zero free time. I had hoped to be able to catch him for a hour for a quick recording session sometime over the coming holiday.

In Hong Kong we have both Good Friday and Ching Ming Festival compacted together.  Despite this great 5 day holiday, as fate would have it, a good deal on a new rental property has landed in my lap.  After 4 years of looking (on and off) I seem to have found a good fit, so it looks like the holiday will be spent moving, a process that in my book is about as much fun as having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled on the same day…and yes I underwent that very same process some years ago.  It basically breaks down into one day of intense excruciating pain, followed by roughly 2 weeks of the lingering, dull, throbbing pain as constant reminder making you question the prudence of your initial decision with every pulsating pang.  Once that period has passed however, you come to the realization that the decision was for the best and the period of discomfort fades away to become another moment in time.

That being said, I am not sure when the next podcast will be scheduled, but the show will continue as soon as things get settled on both ends.  There are plans in the works for the site to be expanded to include a few new things as well, but I will leave the specifics of those until a bit later.

For now I will leave you with this image of the island side harbor encroachment and development process (*see land reclamation) taken on a daily commute to my office last week.  I imagine this will be quite representative of my life over the next week or so.