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Growing pains…

The site is still growing and I have much work to still be done in terms of cleaning up the design, getting my editing turnaround time down for podcasts, etc.  Lots more planned for the future but for now, basic housekeeping is filling my time.  A friend mentioned that ES/WS #4 had an issue the prevented the entire file from streaming or downloading.  I am fairly confident that this issue has been addressed and hopefully the episode is now working properly. 

I am currently hosting this site and the podcast with a company called Globat.  This decision was based on a rather confusing experience I had with GoDaddy and based on a recommendation from a site about developing podcasts.  I know that Libsyn is considered the current standard for ‘hosting’ of podcasts, but their price scheme seemed more confusing, so I opted for the more straightforward service of Globat.  I may ultimately have to switch if their service proves unreliable.  In the meantime I hope to add more content to the site in the near future as well as finalizing some artwork for the podcast and ultimately getting it assigned to iTunes.