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E.T. Blown Home…

The Final Fallout 3 add-on hits the DL store this week.
The fifth and final Fallout 3 add-on hits the DL store this week.

As a huge fan of Fallout 3, I just have to pop in a reminder to any gamers out there (as if you did not already know) that this week is the drop date for the final expansion for the game (Mothership Zeta).

Having just cleaned out the hillbilly mutants of the Point Lookout expansion, I am very eager to jump in to this new expansion.

I can recall earlier this year, being royally ticked when the first expansion, Operation: Anchorage, would not work for players in Asia because of patch issue.  Fortunately the powers that be have since resolved that issue and I have not had any trouble with the 3 subsequent expansions that have followed.  Let the xenophobic carange begin…

The Name’s Koo…Louis Koo.

On His Majesty's Secret Service (Mainland China Poster)

After last weeks Overheard, another Louis Koo (古天樂) venture takes to the screens this Thursday in the form of On His Majesty’s Secret Service(大内密探灵灵狗).  While this film’s theme and title appears similar to Vincent Kok’s 1996 film Forbidden City Cop (大內密探零零發) which starred Stephen Chow (周星馳), it is unlikely to have much of a relation beyond the Chinese title.  And much like George Lazenby in the British film of similar name, it is doubtful that this will in any way be a recurring role for Mr. Koo.


More interesting with regard to this film is the fact that it has gotten earlier release dates in mainland China, than in Hong Kong (approximately 1 week according to the poster above).  A trend which is troubling among some circles of film-goers here in the region.


A Twin Apart…

Former Twins starlet Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) is set to make a comeback.  She discusses some of her feelings in a recent SCMP interview (below).

Regarding the incident that led to her downfall, I personally never felt she had done anything so very wrong as to deserve the ostracizing she received from the public, and while I was never a big fan of Twins, I did enjoy her film roles.  Here’s hoping she can find her way back in a rather fickle industry.

If you are unfamiliar with her film work, allow me to recommend Beyond Our Ken (2004) and House of Fury (2005)  [both available on Netflix for those in the US].  For those feeling a bit more culturally adventurous you can dig up  If You Care (2002), and Trivial Matters (2007).