Back…to the Prequel

The film Turning Point (Laughing Gor之變節) opens next week and the SCMP recently released a promo and interview with the lead actor Michale Tse (謝天華).

The film as I understand it is a prequel to the Hong Kong TV drama Emergency Unit(學警狙擊) and Tse’s character from that series takes the focus in the film’s story.  The character of Laughing has received so much audience attention that to try and cash in on the popularity, an earlier direct-to-video film starring Tse (The Princess of Portland Street – 2003) has been repacked and retitled under the name of Laughing Lover (我愛Laughing).

 Having not seen the series as yet, it will be interesting to see how the film stands on its own.   Here is hoping that it is not just another rushed production with distributors laughing, all the way to the bank…

You can see the SCMP interview below: