Blu-ray Special #2

For our 2nd Blu-ray special, Kevin talks up the FX spectacular Storm Warriors (2009) Blu-ray.  My pick for  the week is Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier (2010) Blu-ray.

I have written up a summary of the final part of my vacation including a a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studious – Islands of Adventure, but as it came out rather lengthy and has a few photos, I am going to hold off and post that one in the next post.

2 thoughts on “Blu-ray Special #2”

  1. I too have bought The Storm Warriors on bluray disc back when it first came out. Despite it being demo quality disc, I was a little disappointed in the special features. Particularly when you can watch the exact same documentary on the film’s official website. I was kinda expecting material that wasn’t on its official site. And did I mention the special features was in blurry standard definition?

    1. I noticed a similar blur on the trailer/features for the Future X-Cops blu-ray and imagine that many local blu-ray transfers will opt to take this cheap-out for special features. It’s frustrating to be sure, but one would think that with a bigger film like Storm Warriors they would have planned to utilize the potential of blu-ray in a better manner.

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