Book un-Fair?

Despite all that is happening in the world today, one of the biggest stories to capture the local headlines in Hong Kong has been the controversial addition of young ‘models’ attempting to peddle their ‘wares’ at Hong Kong’s annual book fair. 

Although a few industry pros are included in this mix, many of these young literary neophytes are non-professionals seeking to create a name for themselves through self publication (a task that is remarkably easy these days).  What falls into question here, is the notion of whether or not these books (and the undue attention that the scantily clad images inside draw) should be on hand in the same classic works and contemporary literature that is typically the focus of such fairs.  Another aspect is that these fairs tend to draw people of all ages, and as such some consider these materials to be inappropriate. 

I myself am currently undecided on the issue.  While I do understand the complaints of the Book Fair ‘purists’, I do admire the entrepreneurial attempts of the young women to try and make a name for themselves using the natural assets they are given. 

Interestingly, I am reminded of some big gaming and tech expos a few years back, when ‘booth babes’ were starting to draw too much attention and companies started scaling things back a bit. 

For some more background and discussion on this issue, you can direct your attention this video put together by the SCMP (South China Morning Post).