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East Screen / West Screen #8


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival folks.  To those who are celebrating, try not to overindulge in mooncake madness.  This week we touch briefly on the two looming holidays (National Day – China and Mid-Autumn for Asia). Due to a lack of new screenings, the show this weeks East Screen segment will be modified to feature a discussion of some October film releases from China.

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  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (USA (2009)

Mid-Autumn Video Picks

(Running time – 00:57:41)

East Screen / West Screen #7


This week in show number seven Kevin talks a bit about his potential picks for the HKAFF, and we discuss, among other things, the poor performance of Mainland films in Hong Kong, a surprise visit by a hockey mom to Hong Kong, and thoughts on the upcoming Michael Jackson film This Is It.

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(Running time – 00:49:01)

East Screen / West Screen #6


This week we Kevin and I talk typhoon Koppu, closing of the UA Whampoa cinema, the passing of Patrick Swayze and our chance encounter with Ms.Helena Law Lan (羅蘭) .  At some point we also discuss the following films ;

(Running time – 00:59:16)