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East Screen / West Screen #2

McDullVGvFGThis week, William Chan joins Kevin and myself  to talk about movie news and a few new films.

  • McDull Ding Ding Dong (Hong Kong 2009)
  • GI Joe (USA 2009)
  • Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (Japan 2009)
  • Outsoured (USA 2006)
  • Tokyo Sonata (Japan 2008)



(Running time – 00:48:11)

East Screen / West Screen #1

First episode of a new podcast devoted to cinema with my co-host Kevin Ma. (Apologies for the sound, as our first official podcast we are still quite new and trying to get up to speed on all the tech hardware and software). In this episode we talk about the changes to Green Hornet. And we lightly touch on films currently playing in Hong Kong including Overheard, On His Majesties Secret Service, Up, Drag Me to Hell, Push and Chungking Express.

(Running time – 00:48:27)