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East Screen West Screen #210 GODSPEED <一路順風> & MOANA


On this episode, Paul plays some catch-up with current Hong Kong cinema with his take on A CHINESE ODYSSEY 3 [大話西遊3].  Then Kevin presents a few news nuggets before talking about GODSPEED [一路順風] a Taiwanese film featuring Michael Hui.  After that, it’s back over to Hollywood with a look at Disney’s latest animated feature MOANA.

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Talking IP MAN 3 <葉問3> with the MOFOS crew

MISUHad a great time talking about IP MAN 3 < 葉問3> with the gang at the Mofos Iceskating Uphill Film Podcast.  I’m a big admirer of their work, and their talent for injecting humour into some very excellent analysis. It was great to have an opportunity to crossover and be a guest and watch them work.  Please check it out if you get a chance.