East Screen West Screen #109 – Tales From The Snark Side

Episode 109 of the East Screen West Screen podcast.  Talking films from Hong Kong to Hollywood and lots of stuff in between.

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This week we test the limits of our eardrums with the latest thriller from one half of that Pang brothers, FAIRY TALE KILLER [追凶].  We then look to a sci-fi film from France about prisoners in space with LOCKOUT.  In addition, Kevin and I touch on stories about Alan Rickman, defective Seediq Bale Blu Rays, and News Corp’s growing stake in Chinese entertainment.

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3 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #109 – Tales From The Snark Side”

  1. You guys are well aware that you have two possible correspondents for the Toronto International film Festival, right? And one very possible candidate if you guys ever decide to record an audio commentary for the upcoming Total Recall remake and that big monster flick starring Rinko Kikuchi (when those come out to DVD/BD).

    By the way, I attended Guillermo del Toro’s masterclass on the works of Alfred Hitchcock last Tuesday and watched an old flick called “Shadow of a Doubt”. To be honest, this was the first time I’ve ever seen an Alfred Hitchcock film and I can see why Hitchcock was such a huge influence on film makers today. Great film. Go see it! This might actually be the last time I’ll ever see Guillermo in person. I’ve probably said this a gazillion times but GDT is a great guy and truly a great teacher.

  2. Oh, and I recently finished watching “Moteki”, both series and the movie. I dunno why but most movie spinoff/sequels to Japanese drama series usually wipe out most of the supporting characters (in fact, the GTO movie wiped out ALL the side characters. Felt really distant with just Onizuka there). I mean, the movie only kept Yukio Fujimoto and Sumi (the perverted divorcee manga editor turned Mark Zuckerberg wannabe). They coulda, at least, kept Yukio’s childhood friend. I think a closure on that character is needed.

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