East Screen / West Screen #11 – Between Chung Yeung and Halloween


(Apologies for the late posting on the site, work and Halloween both piled on last week, but we made it in time for Christmas, which is a much more important holiday anyway…just ask Jack 😉 [honestly, Halloween is actually my favorite])

In this episode Kevin and I talk about some of the films slated for Chinese New Year 2010 (including the Andy Lau film Future X-Cops mentioned previously – see earlier post for link to the trailer) as well as some of the recent releases listed below.  We end with a few picks to enhance your Halloween.


Dreamworks to produce live action Ghost in the Shell (Variety)

Saw VI doesn’t cut it. (Reuters)


Poker King (Hong Kong 2009)

The Message (China 2009)


Taking Woodstock (US 2009)

Astro Boy (US/China 2009) link to Frederick L. Schodt’s response to NY Times review (his is the 4th comment).


Halloween Picks 2009

Out of the Dark (Hong Kong 1995)

Rahtree: Flower of the Night (Thailand 2003)

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Running Time (01:01:53)

4 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #11 – Between Chung Yeung and Halloween”

    1. It’s not playing in Hong Kong in mainstream theaters yet, and as is often the proven case China/HK is very much under the 1 country 2 cinemas ideology. Kevin may have caught it in one of the various festivals, but I will try to make in a point to ask him in our next recording (#13). Were getting 2012 in HK on the coming Thursday (Nov 12). Tickets have actually been on advance sale since early Oct, but still no sigh of Zombieland (which I am sure will be gone when I head stateside in Dec – *cry)

  1. Haven’t even heard of Qiu Xi until now (terrible title, by the way). If it is as strong as the review suggests, I’ll try to buy a legit Mainland DVD the next time I go to Shenzhen.

    Sorry, Paul, just heard that Zombieland won’t get a theatrical release in HK.

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