East Screen West Screen #114 – You’ve Got Bail

Episode 114 of the East Screen West Screen podcast.  Talking films from Hong Kong to Hollywood and lots of stuff in between.

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On this episode we look at the latest quirky comedy from Hong Kong with THE BOUNTY [懸紅].  Then Kevin talks about a superhero comedy (in the vein of ‘Kickass’ and ‘Defendor’) that stars Kevin Spacey (and takes place in China) called INSEPARABLE.  We also touch on the 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong Handover, the rollout of the iTunes store for Hong Kong and a brand new podcast over at the Podcast on Fire network.

Running Time (1:18:11)











  • THE BOUNTY [懸紅]





  •  FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE 2D + 3D re-release [龍門飛甲] Blu-ray




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2 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #114 – You’ve Got Bail”

  1. I occasionally rent from iTunes, but Netflix is usually my first stop when it comes to digital streaming.

    It’s not an especially reliable source if you’re looking to find a specific title, but I’ve loaded up my queue with plenty of interesting stuff to watch on a rainy day. It’s nice because I stumble across content I otherwise wouldn’t see, including quirky documentaries like The Parking Lot Movie, Winnebago Man, American Movie, Hell House, Zombie Girl, Best Worst Movie and The Rock-afire Explosion.

    But I’m still rather leery of digital purchases given all the rights headaches, and usually would just rather buy the disc if it’s something I intend to keep.

    And I think the current show format is fine as is, with the occasional extended episode as justified… say, a Michael Wong retrospective.

  2. i don’t mind a 2+ hour podcast. speaking of herman yau, send my regards to him when u see him next time. i helped with the re-translation of his classic ebola syndrome for american dvd release. and tell him i found my copy again. he’ll know what im talking about.

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