East Screen West Screen #117 – Dark Knight’s Who Say Knee

Episode 117 of the East Screen West Screen podcast.  Talking films from Hong Kong to Hollywood and lots of stuff in between.

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On episode 117 we are joined by Ross Chen (aka Kozo) from www.LoveHKFilm.com in the guest seat. Kevin, fresh back from Shenzhen, discusses the latest Mainland China film from Chen Kaige, CAUGHT IN THE WEB [搜索]. The we head west for a lengthy discussion of the final entry of the current Batman franchise, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  We also discuss the latest salvo in the ‘war of languages’ that has been occurring in Southern China between Cantonese and Mandarin usage involving director Pang Ho-Cheung.  In addition we look discuss how cinema space in Hong Kong is being challenged by luxury brands.

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7 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #117 – Dark Knight’s Who Say Knee”

  1. I didn’t really plan to see Dark Knight Rises, but had the day off Friday and figured why not. I think I actually liked it more than The Dark Knight (which felt bloated and unfocused personally).

    It didn’t really drag for me considering all the ground they covered, and the lack of Batman made sense considering the story they were trying to tell. The way the various threads resolved themselves felt a little too pat, but at least they planted some seeds along the way to justify it.

    I also thought Anne Hathaway did an amazing job, despite the near universal Internet nerd rage at her casting. Lots of armchair cynics eating crow.

    PS: Regarding the chances of a Spidey crossover, apparently the Oscorp building almost made a cameo in The Avengers so who knows? If it means more money at the box office I’m sure they’ll work it out. http://latino-review.com/2012/06/11/spider-man-the-avengers-sort/

    1. Thanks for that link Matt. It’s too bad that the timing for that little bit of architectural homage couldn’t come to pass. This part of the article also made me sad;

      I told Avi and Matt that I realize it’s a business impossibility to share the characters, (“Thank you for understanding that” – Matt Tolmach to me)

      I just don’t see why it is a business impossibility…If there is money to be made (big money) business can find a way.

      1. I’d say it’s still possible, especially in light of Amazing Spider-man’s lackluster performance compared to the original trilogy. Sony can’t really afford to pass up free money at this stage.

        Maybe they go cosmic with Avengers 2, then credit-tease Spidey and a more Earthbound story for Avengers 3 (Civil War?). That would also give them an excuse to throw a ton of new heroes in the mix to evaluate for potential spinoffs.

  2. The Dark Knight Rises, while not bad in itself, was the weakest entry in the trilogy. I just felt there were some pacing problems which kept the viewers from being captivated. Let’s face it. The first hour kinda dragged.

    Speaking of the tragic shooting incident in Colorado, it’s kinda ironic that one of the victims was a survivor from the recent Eaton Centre shooting in Toronto. And this shooting happened back in June. Just about a month and a half ago! She even went on to say on TV about how she was lucky to have survived (the Eaton Centre shooting) but then, the Colorado shooting happened and she didn’t make it. Really sad case of irony here!

    1. I need to watch The Dark Knight again but it felt pretty incoherent to me. “Hey, we’ve got this amazing villain in Heath Ledger’s Joker… now let’s shoehorn Two-Face at the end just for the heck of it.” It felt like one and a half movies crammed into one, whereas Rises’ story arc had a more consistent, logical flow from beginning to middle to end.

      Rises didn’t feel slow to me personally (I did catch the first showing of the day), but I could see it feeling that way compared to the typical third movie of a trilogy.

      In Return of the Jedi, for example, Luke explodes onto the scene as a full Jedi… but in Rises we basically have Bruce starting over from scratch. The pacing felt OK to me given the storyline and themes. (and I usually despise long movies)

  3. Hey, Paul!

    Lemme know when you guys are going to review “Total Recall”. Perhaps you guys could do a segment with me concerning this particular film since I did work on the set of Total Recall for a good number of days. (I don’t think I made it into the final cut upon my first viewing of the movie. But then again, I kinda fell asleep while watching.)

    1. Hey Gary,

      I’m not sure if we will be able to cover TOTAL RECALL. I’ve seen it and I had thought to work it in to episode 118, but Kevin has not been able to see it. Since ep 119 will be postponed for a week due to some scheduling issues for both of us and the fact that we have a ton of new stuff coming out this week, it may get pushed to the sideline as something we might come back and revisit as a video review. Still not sure at this point as I need to discuss further with Kevin the rundown for 119, but the priorities look to be BRAVE and VULGARIA for sure. However, if you would like to send in a short audio review of your own for TR, I think we could easily work it in.

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