East Screen West Screen #145 – Stark Realities

Episode 145 of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

In this week’s episode Kevin and I are divided on Johnnie To’s latest feature DRUG WAR [毒戰]. Then we suit up a third time for the next installment of the Marvel film franchise with IRON MAN 3.

We also discuss Iron Man 3’s opening week in Asia, news of Cherie Chung’s possible return to Hong Kong film, and the truth behind THE GRANDMASTERS’ Metalpak.



  • DRUG WAR [毒戰]


  • IRON MAN 3



  • None this week



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2 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #145 – Stark Realities”

  1. I think there’s a more mundane explanation for the success of the Iron Man franchise: Robert Downey Jr. He’s the biggest star in the Marvel stable by far — none of the other leads come close in terms of notoriety and ability to bring in a wider audience. Plus you have the whole subtext of Downey Jr.’s redemption, both personally and professionally.

    PS: Fan Bingbing made it to the “special thanks” section of the credits, at least. 🙂

  2. Matt, I think you are right about RDJ. He seems to be up there in terms of international appeal with the likes of say Johnny Depp, especially here in Hong Kong.

    Yes, I caught the thanks to Miss Fan as well. ha ha.

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