East Screen West Screen #152 – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Balls (Series Finale)

Episode 152 of the East Screen West Screen podcast. Talking films from Hong Kong to Hollywood and lots of stuff in between.

Kevin and I sit down one last time to hash out our final episode for East Screen West Screen. We have had a blast covering cinema in Hong Kong for the past 4 years, but as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Reasons for this decision are discussed in this final episode’s epilogue, but before that we wanted to end as we started, discussing films. To this end, we finish up with Johnnie To’s latest BLIND DETECTIVE [盲探]. Then we fly west to take on MAN OF STEEL.

We then take a moment to look back on the show, offer thanks to all those who become a part of it, and discuss the possibilities of things to come.


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  • The final episode of ES/WS (more below).








Much like my original (now defunct) Hong Kong film review site CantonKid.com which I started back in the 90s, East Screen West Screen was a concept inspired in part by a school project.  Over the past 4 years it has become much much more.  I knew the show was not destined to go on forever, but I had hoped we could go for a couple more seasons.  Still we had a good run.  Longer than some podcasts, but not quite as long as others, but as Michael Wong might say, “I’m pleased with the outcome”.


As a niche topic podcast, I knew that the show would never gain a great following.  In fact, I rarely looked over any of the analytics, because even if we only had a handful of people listening that would be good enough for me.  If anything I would say I was surprised by the numbers we did ultimately get.


There are many people I need to thank, first and foremost being Kevin.  Finding a co-host you can gel with is never an easy proposition.  He brought a dynamic and insight to the show that I think complemented my own and more than made up for my shortcomings.  East Screen West Screen started as a team project and it is best that it ends this way too.


I also need to thank the many guests, co-hosts, and contributors we have had on over the years.  Including Tim Youngs, Shelly Cheung, William Chan, Rufus DeRahm, Wei Ping, Marco Sparmberg, J and Renee Valentine, Ryan and Jenifer Ozawa, Casey Lau, Fernando Gros, Rob Geboers, Johnny Feisty, David Lam, Kenneth Broroson, Ross Chen and Scott Johnson.  And thanks to Patrick Baja, John Beck, and Fons Tuinstra for inviting me as a guest on their respective shows as well.


And of course many thanks need to be directed to all of our listeners for the continued support.  Special thanks to those who wrote in, hung out in the chatroom with us, left feedback or sent mail.  There are too many people to name everyone, but special mention to Phil Gillon and Far East Films for the regular twitter mentions, Sanney Leung, Stephen Frost and Ayato Kami for their G+ support, Hong Kong Dave, Gary Lau, and Matt Seidl for hanging in the chatrooms during live streams and to all those who sent a comment or question at the website, facebook or email.


To anyone who I may have failed to mention directly, my sincerest apologies.  Come to Hong Kong and I will treat you to a meal and a movie at the Dynasty.

With that I will close things out with the full rendition of our current theme from Rob Geboers of Schnauzer Studios and simply say for Kevin and for myself, this is East Screen West Screen wishing you good viewing and we’ll see you in the cinema.


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2 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #152 – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Balls (Series Finale)”

  1. So the rumors are true, eh? Except I heard it was Michael Wong’s lawyers… I guess now we know how he manages to afford all those helicopters AND his own car (I finally watched Overheard on iTunes this weekend, $8 to buy in HD).

    Congrats on a successful run, and to Kevin on his new gig. Hong Kong movies tend to be a hobby I revisit in bursts as I place the occasional order– but it’s always fun to follow you guys online, and I look forward to hearing about life post-ESWS.

    I want to look for a new job myself, after a very long, safe period with one company — it’s exciting to contemplate new adventures, and I wish you guys the best of luck with yours.

    PS: As a going away present I’ll forgive you for making me buy Virtual Recall. I guess I need to snag Passion Island now to complete the quadrology of crappy movies. Maybe you can convince Kozo to put it on sale.

    Take care, see you on Twitter!

  2. And the show never lived long enough to have my proposed Pacific Rim conversation. Can we at least have a special remix of Kevin Ma cursing the hong kong government as a parting gift?

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