East Screen West Screen #176 – SAVING MR. WU <解救吾先生>

SAVING MR WU <解救吾先生>

It’s mid-October and time seems to be flying by faster than a witch on a Nimbus 2000.  But despite the pressures of impending holidays we are back to talk films and fandom.  Kevin brings us news about the Golden Horse nominees and the HKAFF selections.  We gossip about Chow Yun Fat and opine about the fairytale wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Angelababy.  And once all of that is out of the way we finally get around to SAVING MR. WU <解救吾先生>.

Andy Lau【小丑 Clown 】劉德華 主演 電影『解救吾先生 Saving Mr, Wu』

SAVING MR. WU <解救吾先生>

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