East Screen / West Screen #19 – Chinese New Year Special 2010

It’s Chinese New Year, and that means it’s time for family gatherings, red envelopes full of cash, and movies, movies , movies.  After a week long feast of new films, Kevin and I talk about the latest holiday features from Hong Kong.  [Also in a bit of domain grabbing news, I managed to get ahold of www.kongcast.com so if you have a particular hatred of the hyphen, you no longer need fear visiting the site.  We can also be accessed via www.kongcast.net just in case you have a thing against .coms 😉 ]



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Running Time (01:03:43)

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    1. Thanks for the heads up on the direct download Pro. When I was uploading the file the FTP client had to reconnect a couple times and it may have caused a glitch somehow. I checked the iTunes DL and the stream after the initial upload, but I forgot to check the direct DL. I have uploaded the file once again and it seems to be ok now.

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