East Screen / West Screen #2

McDullVGvFGThis week, William Chan joins Kevin and myself  to talk about movie news and a few new films.

  • McDull Ding Ding Dong (Hong Kong 2009)
  • GI Joe (USA 2009)
  • Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (Japan 2009)
  • Outsoured (USA 2006)
  • Tokyo Sonata (Japan 2008)



(Running time – 00:48:11)

3 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #2”

  1. A quick correction to what I said in the Podcast regarding local dialects – apparently films in local dialects are allowed in Mainland China (case in point: Crazy Stone), though not in TV. Unlike Cantonese, which is an especially hard to understand dialect, other local dialect can be source of comedy, so they are often released subtitled.

    Anyway, the point is Cantonese films are rarely shown in Cantonese outside of Guangdong and are almost always shown in their Mandarin dubbed version. I think my point remains the same.

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  3. Yeah, Zhang Jingchu’s breakout role in Peacock was also entirely in local dialect.

    The difference is that Mandarin is mostly understandable in dialects, whereas Cantonese is not.

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