East Screen West Screen #216 52 HZ I LOVE YOU <52赫茲我愛你> & OUR SISTER MAMBO

52 HZ I LOVE YOU <52赫茲我愛你>  Our Sister Mambo

This week it’s that time of year again and we get into the HKFA nominations fro 2016 films.  We also talk briefly about The University of Hong Kong’s new MOOC Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens.  Then its a double dose of East Screen goodness with Kevin’s review of the Taiwan hit musical 52 HZ I LOVE YOU <52赫茲我愛你> and a look at Singapore’s love letter to Chinese Cinema with OUR SISTER MAMBO.

Interlude 1: 開門關門 – From _52Hz, I Love You

52 HZ I LOVE YOU <52赫茲我愛你> 

Interlude 2: 葛蘭 – 說不出的快活 電影《野玫瑰之戀》Ja Jambo [GeLan – Grace Chang]



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