East Screen West Screen #230 DIDI’S DREAM <吃吃的愛> & THE MUMMY


On this episode, Kevin and I discuss news including recent Netflix cancellations, the pulling of OUR TIME WILL COME from the Shanghai Film Festival, Zhang Ziyi in Godzilla sequel and Huayi going after a Weibo user.  Then for the East Screen pick Kevin reviews DIDI’S DREAM <吃吃的愛> and then it’s back over to Hollywood for a look at the new Dark Universe with Tom Cruise in THE MUMMY.

Interlude:《“吃吃”的爱》Didi’s Dream || 曝“鲤鱼歌”MV 群星饶舌嗨不停


Interlude 2: The Mummy (Theme Song Epic)


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