East Screen West Screen #231 GOD OF WAR <蕩寇風雲> & CARS 3



This week we discuss a new commercial that uses a variation of Kiki from KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE, a new TVB series that looks suspiciously familiar, and Japan wins top award at Annecy. Then it’s over to our reviews with a look at Sammo Hung and Vincent Zhao in GOD OF WAR [蕩寇風雲] and Pixar’s return to the track with CARS 3.

Interlude: 《荡寇风云》God of War || 主题曲MV 赵文卓献声化身民族英雄戚继光高唱胜利《凯歌》

GOD OF WAR [蕩寇風雲]

Interlude 2: James Bay – Kings Highway (From “Cars 3”) 


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