East Screen West Screen #233 OUR TIME WILL COME <明月幾時有> & SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING


On this episode, Kevin talks about the Taipei Film Festival winners for 2017, and the winner of the NYAFF as well. New Derek Kwok film WU KONG gets an unauthorized release, and some Mainland film finance news. For East Screen we look at Ann Hui’s WWII themed film OUR TIME WILL COME [明月幾時有] and then we swing back to the West for SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING.

Interlude: 《明月几时有》Our Time Will Come || 宣传主题曲MV 张碧晨献声“守候”

OUR TIME WILL COME [明月幾時有] (2017)
Interlude 2: Spiderman 1967 Cartoon Intro ( with lyrics )


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