East Screen West Screen #237 WU KONG <悟空傳> & WOLF WARRIOR 2 <戰狼 II>


On this episode we talk some Busan Festival news, John Woo’s MANHUNT and a new cinema report in Hong Kong. Then Kevin takes us through a reimagined Monkey King tale in Derek Kwok’s WU KONG [悟空傳] and I take a look at Wu Jing’s breakout blockbuster WOLF WARRIOR 2 [戰狼 II ].

Interlude: 《齊天》MV (電影悟空傳主題曲) 

WU KONG [悟空傳] (2017)

Interlude 2: 《战狼2》 Wolf Warriors 2 || 推广主题曲《风去云不回》

WOLF WARRIOR 2 [戰狼 II ] (2017)

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