East Screen / West Screen #27 – At Home in the Hood

Technical note:  Hi everyone.  Sadly we experienced some technical issues with this weeks episode, and as such both Kevin and I sound less that stellar.  Due to scheduling, Kevin had to record from a remote location and as such was not using his regular machine and microphone.  We decided to push on and I did my best to try and compensate with my mixer and the Garage Band software, but I think this merely resulted in messing up my side of things rather than helping Kevin’s output.  I really need to take an audio engineering class or two, but until I find one in HK it is still up to trial and error.  Anyway, I hope you won’t find this weeks episode totally unbearable and we hope to have this rectified in the shows to come. 🙂 (Paul)


  1. Hail to the Monkey King in IMAX 3D (Wu-Jing.org)
  2. Battle Royale returns in 3D (YesAsia.com)
  3. Toho to make Umizaru 3 in 3D (The Standard)


Intermission: Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams – Bing Crosby (iTunes link)


  1. New Disney 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Hollywood Reporter)


  • Robin Hood  (US/UK 2010)

iTunes Page

Running Time (01:10:27)

One thought on “East Screen / West Screen #27 – At Home in the Hood”

  1. Thanks for the mention – I’m highly honoured!

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing both Love In A Puff & Dream Home as I’m a huge Pang Ho Cheung fan. Not that I think that everything he does is a slam dunk but I am always very interested to see what he has been up to

    Men Suddenly In Black & Exodus are for me two of the very best that Hong Kong has produced in the last decade

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