East Screen / West Screen #33 – A Midsummer Night’s Fail

It figures Florida would be involved somehow. 😉

Apologies for the delay in getting episode 33 up.  I am still sorting through a backlog of post vacation work that has kept me swamped.  I am hoping to get my schedule organized enough so that I can start editing and posting episodes right after we record these episodes rather than waiting for the weekend, but I need to reorganize the way I have been producing the shows.  The plan is to have it all sorted out in the coming weeks.   For now, we are back and playing catch-up with some of the bigger summer films.


  1. LoveHKfilm.com CLOSED? WTH???
  2. Upcoming video releases.


  • Flirting Scholar 2 (Hong Kong/China 2010)
  • La Comedie Humaine (Hong Kong 2010)

Intermission: Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra (iTunes Link)


  • The Last Airbender (USA 2010)
  • Predators (USA 2010)

iTunes Page

Running Time (59:04)

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    1. Pleasure was mine David. Glad we had a chance to hang out and chat before your trip back. Have a safe flight and will be looking forward to your return. 😀

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