East Screen / West Screen #34 – Toy Story Triple

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Running Time (01:20:50)

ES News:

  1. MUSE magazine names writer of MURDERER “The Next Big Thing”
  2. Will Taiwanese cinema be helped by new economic deal with China? (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Is Andy Lau to be Asia’s Mel Gibson? (FilmBiz Asia)


  • Triple Tap (Hong Kong/China 2010)

  • The Fantastic Water Babes (Hong Kong 2010)

Intermission: Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin (iTunes Link)


  • Toy Story 3 (USA 2010)

  • Twilight: Eclipse (USA 2010)

iTunes Page

Running Time (01:20:50)

6 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #34 – Toy Story Triple”

  1. It’s understandable that you might not want to spoil the ending to Toy Story 3… but it’s also perhaps a bit off-putting to the listener when a potentially interesting discussion topic is raised and then taken offline.

    A minor quibble, though — East Screen/West Screen is very thoughtful, professional and informative.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thanks for listening and for your comments. You know as someone who listens to a ton of podcasts too, I always hate when the hosts do that. One of my favorite podcasters does it so much that the community that follows him actually named the practice after him (I’m looking at you Mr. Johnson). Yet here I was doing the same thing. I’m flat out guilty and I have no excuse, so I do apologize. After some thought on it though, I think I may have a solution though and will try to address this issue on the next episode. So thanks for pointing it out and keeping me accountable 😀

  2. Hi guys! 🙂

    Just downloading as we speak…..Andy Lau is going to be an alcoholic racist? 😛

    If anyone else is having playback issues with the “Love In A Puff” blu ray the following tip – courtesy of Media Asia – works : press left during the english language copyright warning and the loading re-starts and continues to the films menu 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip David. I am planning on picking up this Blu-ray some time this week…if I can ever get my eyes off the Star Craft 2 box that is taunting me. I will see if I also run into any issues once I get the copy.

  3. I was really surprised to hear my name mentioned on this episode of the podcast.
    Frankly speaking, I used to work for Joy Sales which I’m sure some of you know is a DVD distro company responsible for releasing home video releses of films like “The Myth”, “A Chinese Tall Story”, “Rob-B-Hood”, “Dog Bite Dog” and etc. I’m sure if some of you have been purchasing their latest releases, you may have noticed that the special features on their DVD/bluray releases have been rather subpar lately. However, the years when I was active with Joy Sales, it wasn’t always like this. My boss William was very pro-active about gathering some in-depth footage for use on the DVD releases. And from what I gather, the film studios themselves have a tendency to stinge out on the footage being allowed for use on such purposes, Which, to me, is a big disappointment. It kinda defeats the purpose of giving a damn for their own productions.

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