East Screen / West Screen #38 – Bad Good Guys & Good Bad Guys

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Running Time (55:15)

ES News:

  1. Summer Film Festival opens in Hong Kong.
  2. Dream Home gets double opening (note: image at link may be NSFW) (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. A moment of cinema silence in China (FilmBiz Asia)
  4. New Chinese film premiers in Toronto (FilmBiz Asia)
  5. John Woo going IMAX (Hollywood Reporter)


  • City Under Siege [全城戒備] (Hong Kong)

WS News:

  1. Lisbeth Salander role cast for Hollywood remake (Reuters)


  • Despicable Me (USA 2010)

8 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #38 – Bad Good Guys & Good Bad Guys”

  1. Ah, the TIFF…
    I’ve been there many times. Usually just there to see a couple of Asian flicks. I was there last year to see Johnnie To’s “Vengeance” with Johnnie To and Johnny Hallyday (although briefly) in attendance. But to be honest, I’ve never been able to attend the screening of any Donnie Yen movies as they are always packed and sold out. I’m crossing my fingers that I can make it to next month’s gala premiere of “Legend of the Fist: Chen Zhen”. Come to think of it, I actually saw the world premiere of Jackie Chan’s “The Myth” at Toronto Filmfest which eventually led me to working on the official HK release of the film’s DVD. The fact that I had already seen it at the film festival ensured me of having no fear for spoilers through the commentary (which I was assigned to translate into English) since I had already seen the film by that time.

    Back to Donnie, I had heard that Donnie Yen had actually skipped the TIFF screenings of his movies for about 2-3 years in a row. He did, however, leave an apology note for filmfest goers as a consolation. I hope that he actually makes it for the Toronto screening this time around.

  2. Great news about “Dream Home”

    It’s pronounced “Lester” Square 😛

    Very excited to be getting our first Pang Ho Cheung film here in the UK (I am at least)

    Funny you should mention the old Incredible Hulk TV series : I used to try and read the lengthy copyright notice at the end of each episode before it cut off…..even did it once or twice! 😀

    1. @David
      Thanks for the pronunciation tip David, we Yanks never do learn proper English, and now that I have been living in HK for a decade now even my American English is all out of whack ha ha 😀 . One of my all time wishes would be to speak like Stephen Fry, or possibly Peter Jones. I hope you’ll enjoy Dream Home (if you haven’t seen it yet). It’s a great Pang Ho Cheung film, despite my dislike for the graphic nature of the film. I also hope you can experience Aaron’s Fat/Clown suit at some point. 😉

      I am jealous and would love to be able to attend the TIFF one of these years. I remember talking briefly with Ross and Tim Youngs about being able to live a life that keeps you on the festival circuit as some (non-filmmakers) are able to do. As to Donnie, that doesn’t surprise me, he doesn’t seem like much of a festival person to me. I can’t recall him being active in the HKIFF, but I will need to double check with Kevin on that, since I have been less than active in attendance at the past few fests. I guess if a fest were to do a big ‘retrospective’ on him, that might get him to confirm…or maybe he is just afraid they will pull out clips from Mismatched Couples. 😉

  3. To speak like Stephen Fry you’ll have to use lots of fluffy’s, moist’s & wonderful’s in your everyday speech 😀

    Have you ever seen his show QI? It’s a quiz show for very clever people!

    I’m a huge PHC fan and was bought up on 70’s / 80’s European horror so…..:)

    Benny Chan’s “batting average” is a good one so it’s a shame to see deliver something of a turkey (by all accounts)

    I picked up Mismatched Couples when I was in HK – he might be in 80’s leisure wear but he’s still THE DONNIE! 🙂

  4. I was even fortunate enough to go to the gala screening of “Vengeance” with Johnnie To and (briefly) Johnny Hallyday in attendence. I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to ask my question to Mr. To but I did have the opportunity to bump into the director (along with his assistant) at a restaurant on the same week. Oddly enough, alot of the questions being asked revolved around Lam Suet.

    1. @ David, ah the ubiquitous Facebook. I can’t say I am very keen myself on it simply because there is always so much controversy regarding the implementation of privacy controls/settings, etc. But I do recognize the benefits for visitors to the site to be able to connect to each other, so I may likely set up either a Facebook page or a small forum at some point in the coming year. 🙂

      @ Gary, if I ever get a chance to ask Johnnie To a question it will be, “When are you gonna make Love on a Diet 2?” 😉 …it’s kinda Lam Suet related as well. 😀

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