East Screen / West Screen #39 – My Name is Khaaaaaaaan!

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ES News:

* After much deliberation, I decided to edit out this weeks East Screen news segment from the podcast.  Kevin and I spent the segment discussing the past week’s hostage incident in Manilla.  It was a very good discussion and Kevin had some interesting perspectives on the tragedy, but after re-listening to our conversation during the editing process, I felt it just did not fit with the tone of the the show.  I still have the original file and may release the segment separately under a different format.


  • My Name is Khan (India 2010)

WS News:

  1. Til undeath do they part? (Reuters)
  2. Are Hollywood spoof movies dead? (Reuters)


  • Vampires Suck (USA 2010)

4 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #39 – My Name is Khaaaaaaaan!”

  1. I would very much like to hear the edited discussion as a seperate podcast

    You pronounced SRK’s name correctly! 🙂

    I’d be happy to see the back of the current wave of spoof movies. Airplane worked because by and large it spoofed a genre rather than a number of specific films…..that and it had an actual narrative! 😛

    Hope Kevin’s feeling better

  2. You should definitely release it. Judging by your Twitter feeds I assumed it would rate a mention during the show. One of your strengths as a HK cinema podcast is that you’re actually located in Hong Kong and able to provide this sort of local color, even if it isn’t strictly related to movies.

  3. Yeah, I’m waitin’ on ur discussion about the Manila bus shooting.
    Anyway, speaking of Bollywood, you should check out “Badma$$h Company”. From what little I’ve seen of it, there is a Hindu-speaking Chinese guy named Meiyang Chang in the film.

  4. by the way, my friend and i are gonna pre-order tickets to see “legend of the fist: the return of chen zhen” for its gala premiere screening at the toronto international film festival. screening will take place on next thursday. i’m thinking about checking out “detective dee” but i have an issue with watching mandarin language films with english subtitles. i kinda prefer to watch it with chinese subs.

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