East Screen / West Screen #41 – GIRL$ Gone Wired

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ES News:

  1. Jan de Bont takes over Mulan. (FilmBiz Asia)
  2. Beijing Screenings presents cash prizes for ‘impact overseas’ (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. John Woo gets Venice FF lifetime achievement award (FilmBiz Asia)


GIRL$ [ 囡囡 ] (Hong Kong 2010)

Note: trailer is for mature audiences

  • GIRL$ proves to be a solid film that updates the escort genre narrative with a young cast reflective of Hong Kong’s compensated dating scene.  For predecessors to the film, look to Girls Without Tomorrow [ 應召女郎1988 ] or PR Girls [ 青春援助交際 ].

Note: trailer is for mature audiences

Intermission – BELIEVER WILL GET LOVE [ 信者得愛 ] by Sammi Cheng (Music Video – YesAsia link)

FROZEN [ 為你鍾情 ] (Hong Kong)

  • Frozen left us both cold.  I’m personally not a huge fan of Leon Lai, but as a big fan of Leslie Cheung I had high hopes for the film.  For a better overall film featuring a true sense Hong Kong 80’s nostalgia, many of the same songs (and Leslie himself), look to For Your Heart Only [ also called 為你鍾情 ] (1985).


SHANGHAI (US/China 2010)

9 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #41 – GIRL$ Gone Wired”

  1. By the way, I recorded this inside the Elgin Theatre just before “Legend of the Fist” was playing. Sucks that he did not provide a Q&A session after the movie. Such a huge setback compared to last year’s screening of Johnnie To’s “Vengeance”.

  2. Cheers to you guys for keeping the podcast going. “Season 2” should be fun! Ross is great, try to have him on more. I’m wondering though: thinking back on the last bunch of episodes, has there been any East Screen films they you guys actually “loved” not just half way “liked”? Hahaha. I hope Legend of the Fist, Detective Dee or Reign of Assassins turn out well.

    1. Thanks for the support Pro. 🙂 I am hopeful for Detective Dee. I need Andy to redeem himself after Future X-Cops.

      I can’t say there has been any summer film that I have outright ‘loved’ with the possible exception of My Name is Khan being closest. I won’t speak for Kevin, but he seemed very fond of La Comedie Humaine which I have not as yet seen. (It’s on the current ‘to buy’ list). I did enjoy both GIRL$ and All About Love, but I feel that they each have their issues that hold them back.

      I do hope to have both Ross and Tim on more in the future as well as some folks from other sites and podcasts at some point. Ross is always fun, but he’s shy, 😉

    1. Thanks for showing some love to the old music David. Since I mixed up that mash up myself I did find it hard to let go. But once I keep hearing the GarageBand / Mac sound library everywhere and I wanted to get something that would be unique to the show. Since I am no musician I had to commission the work. Did not have allot of money to invest for that, so I had to go with what I could afford. Hopefully it will grow on you guys over time. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen “Legend of the Fist” last week and I’d have to say “don’t keep your hopes up”. sure, everything from the costume/set designs and the camera angles were done nicely, but the problem is the storyline. they didn’t even bother explaining how Chen Zhen survived the end of “Fist of Fury”. the only thing you’re told is that he survived and spent time away from China fighting a war in France.

    1. Thanks for putting up the links Gary. I have heard pretty bad things about it. I keep trying to avoid reviews though, at least until the coming Friday when I can experience it for myself 😉

      1. Hope you can enjoy it in Cantonese. Sure, most of the cast were speaking in Mandarin (even Shu Qi. Noticed her lips movement matched the Mandarin dialogue) but all that doesn’t matter as much as watching the main character’s real vocal performance. (IN this case, Donnie Yen himself.)

        The filmfest print was in Mandarin and Japanese.

  4. Thanks for crushing all of my hopes guys.I guess I needed to be brought back down to earth :-). Well, even if the films are bad, I’ll enjoy listening to you guys talk about them on the podcast!

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