East Screen / West Screen #43 – Hark, The Hong Kong Director, Sings

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Running Time (1:07:44)

ES News:

  1. CONTAGION (and JOHNNY ENGLISH II) in Hong Kong!
  2. Mei Ah and Grand Master (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Australian film fights back (FilmBiz Asia)
  4. Marco Mueller wins China award (FilmBiz Asia)
  5. HKAFF! (http://www.hkaff.asia/)



  • Both Kevin and I enjoyed Tsui Hark’s latest feature.  It was a fine return to his roots. Personally it gave me a very nostalgic sense of Hong Kong cinema of the 80s and 90s.  I am hopeful that the film does well enough to generate a sequel.

Intermission – LAUGHTER (aka HERO OF HEROES) [ 滄海一聲笑 ] by Sam Hui (許冠傑)

WS News:

  1. Facebook movie takes no.1 (Office Mojo)




  • DETECTIVE DEE – Kevin and I spill the beans on some of the deeper details of the film.



17 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #43 – Hark, The Hong Kong Director, Sings”

  1. Haven’t listened yet, but definitely something amiss. On iTunes it’s listed as the full 1:07:44 run time, but the news section wraps up at 56 minutes… so the East Screen segement cuts off in mid-sentence after 10 minutes or so.

  2. Thanks for the heads up guys. 🙂 Not sure what happened but the file must have gotten garbled during the ftp upload. I have re-uploaded it again and downloaded via iTunes and seems to be all there. Will listen to the whole thing after work today to check more thoroughly.

  3. Hmm…I am redownloading now from both iTunes and a manual DL. File size should be around 77.6MB . Let me see if I can get ahold of Kevin to give it a try as well

  4. I have successfully downloaded the full file through iTunes and the manual download twice now, and Kevin reported that he was able to DL the full file as well. I think that if folks are using the automatic download, Matt may be on to something with the cached file idea…I had to fully delete the file out of iTunes before I could get the new file. In hindsight I am thinking I probably should have renamed the file and changed the RSS feed rather than simply replacing it. If the issue happens again, I think I will take that approach.

    1. Thanks for the info Matt. That is good to know about the non-anamorphic disc transfers. I think my dad may actually have copies of those. Will need to double check on my next trip to the US.

  5. I couldn’t have had the cached file. I clear it up every few hours because my netbook has very limited hard drive space. I make a habit to clear some space out. Besides, I download it directly from my Samsung Wave (cell phone) But the file is working fine now. Gonna give it a listen as I head on to the TTC (toronto transit corporation).

    And Paul, your show is draining the battery life out of my cell phone. Keep up the good work!

    Peace out!

    1. Glad I was able to get the file situation worked out. Thanks for your continued support Gary. Kevin and I both really appreciate it. I hope we can keep the momentum going. In a similar aspect both Kevin and I have claimed that sometimes it seems that HK cinema is draining the life out of us ha ha 😉

  6. Success! 🙂

    Detective Dee sounds like good stuff – wish I were there to see it

    I was going to mention the original versions of Star Wars being on the second disc of the recent-ish DVD releases but Matt S beat me to it!

    Availability of these in the UK is starting to get a little patchy (amazon.co.uk only has Star Wars new although you can get Empire & Return new from third party sellers and some other sites do still have all three )

    Looking at a non-upscaled DVD of Star Wars 1977 as I type and it still looks and sounds pretty damn good to me so screw you Lucas you won’t be getting my £’s just so I can have a blu ray version! 😛

    1. Wish you could have been here for DEE as well, David.

      For those in the states and elsewhere, I have to throw out some love for Amazon UK and resellers. They often have stuff that is unavailable from the US store. I was able to get a complete collection of the original 4 TEK WAR movies (on VHS) that are still not available in the US. International shipping was super fast to boot, and the third party service has typically be a bit better than my experience with US third party shops (with regard to international shipping, etc).

  7. I’ve just finished watching “Detective Dee” tonight and enjoyed it immensely.
    And just to get on the “post-dub” issue, most films are usually post-dubbed. Even in Hollywood movies. This is usually done because it’s usually inaudible when recorded in sync sound. Hence, the occasional dubbing of a few lines here and there in some movies (this occurance normally happens on TVB drama shows.)

    I watched it in Mandarin and unfortunately, most of the Hong Kong cast are dubbed by Mandarin-speaking voice actors. Even Carina Lau (who is actually a native Mandarin speaker).

    1. Glad you got a chance to see DEE. We actually get back into the post-dub issue again in the next episode. I think I harp on it too much because I was a boom mic operator and assistant sound tech for a sound guy on a film once, and as a result of his teaching (or was that indoctrination ha ha) my perspective may be a bit skewed 😉

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