East Screen / West Screen #44 – Swinging in the Reign

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Running Time (1:04:09)

ES News:

  1. Li, Tsui reunite for new Dragon picture (FilmBiz Asia)
  2. Tucker tucks into Dee and Assassins (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Aaron Kwok and Chow Yun Fat in Donnie Yen Monkey King movie?



  • Reign of Assassins felt like old school Hong Kong cinema.  Despite my dislike for the post-production audio this was a solid film, though both Kevin and I seem to agree that Michele Yeoh needed an older leading man as a romantic interest.  For those who haven’t seen it I would strongly recommend the Swordsman [ 笑傲江湖 ]series (Swordsman, Swordsman II, and The East is Red) which feature similar themes of competing schools and a powerful object that rival martial arts clans compete for.  Swordsman II with Brigitte Lin and Jet Li tends to hold high regard in the west, but I am more partial to the original Swordsman as I actually preferred Sam Hui in the title role.

WS News:

  1. Outsourced TV series running on network TV
    • Interlude: ISHQ MUSHU by BC Smith & CJ Verdi  from OUTSOURCED film Soundtrack (iTunes Link)
  2. Adele Blanc-Sec pushed to November in HK?
  3. 3D magic for ‘Potter’ series on Blu-ray (Variety)
  4. No 3D for Harry Potter 7 – part 1





10 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #44 – Swinging in the Reign”

  1. That particular reason is because Edko (the distributors of this particular movie) normally likes to take their sweet-ass time between theatrical and home video release. Usually, they release their movies to home video 4-5 months after theatrical release. On a sidenote, Mei Ah took over 8 months to release “Short of Love”. Most likely because they were waiting on approval of screening in Mainland China.

  2. Well, at least, you’re getting it! There’s no word on a North American release which I doubt will happen until many years later. So the only route I’d have to take is to import it from Hong Kong. Thankfully, with the big Chinese community in Toronto, it ain’t gonna be too hard to import.

  3. Another day, another East Screen/West Screen anti-3D rant. 🙂

    I don’t have strong feelings on the issue myself, in fact I haven’t even seen a modern 3D feature film yet. I did take my nephew to Hubble 3D though, and the tech did seem like it had the potential to enhance the educational value of such an experience. (beyond the superfluous stuff like exploding 3D credits, of course)

    I certainly wouldn’t want to see every film move to 3D, and releasing enhanced versions of movies that weren’t originally shot for 3D seems more like a cash grab than anything else. But when you’re talking calculated Hollywood blockbusters, it all comes down to that anyway.

    To completely dismiss it out of hand just seems a bit premature. I’m sure some folks felt the same way about the talkies, or CGI… but there’s good CGI and there’s bad CGI.

    Then again, I also love the idea of William Castle’s floating skeletons and chair buzzers, so I’m probably not the best person to judge. 😉

    1. Matt you will be happy to know that the ranting continues to some extent in episode 45 😉 In terms of a 3D experience it can be hit or miss for me. Thus far I have really enjoyed it most for animated films (Pixar and Dreamworks). I was always intrigued by Castle’s gimmickry and sadly never got to experience any for myself. I wonder how he would look at many of the 4D entertainment experiences that are around today.

  4. I’m pretty sure I even praised the 3D in LEGEND OF THE GUARDIAN. In other news, hell is producing ice cream.

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