East Screen / West Screen #48 – Under the Wirework Crane

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My profound apologies for the delay between shows.  November has nearly turned into No-show-vember, due to real life scheduling issues between work, the coming holidays and a bunch of other stuff.

Kevin is off for a short family time break, but Tim Youngs come in to take up the second chair for this episode and we sincerely thank him for taking the time to share his thoughts and experiences with us.  In opening up the discussion with Tim it was decided to forego the West Screen segments this week, but they shall return (with Mr.Ma) next episode.

ES News:

  1. India-Hollywood sign MOU (FilmBiz Asia)
  2. iTunes movies arrive in Japan (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Celestial adds deal with Karmaloop (FilmBiz Asia)
  4. Jan HK release for If You Are The One 2 (FilmBiz Asia)
  5. 3-D Sex to be exposed at AFM (FilmBiz Asia)

Interlude – 美夢 Younger and Longer by Coco Lee (YesAsia Link)

East Screen:


Tim enjoyed VAMPIRE WARRIORS far more than I did.  In fact I can say I think I would have rather had a real vampire bite my neck than sit through this movie again, simply because even if it drained me dry there would still be less overall suckage than you would find in this film.  As western style vampire movies go, this film makes THE TWINS EFFECT look awesome (no easy feat).  But if you are truly in the mood for Hong Kong style vampires look no further than the original MR. VAMPIRE.  Fun Fact: actor Yuen Wah [元華] is actually the vampire antagonist in both VAMPIRE WARRIORS and MR. VAMPIRE.

MR. VAMPIRE  [殭屍先生] – (1985)


Having since seen the film (post show) I can agree with Tim that this is a charming and touching (albeit predictable) film.  The leads are adorable and the performances are top notch.  But it is the art direction that really puts this film over the top for me.  The settings and propaganda posters really draw you in to this period.  A must see for any student of modern Chinese history / culture.  Interestingly one of the sub-plots of the film involving Jung-Chu’s friend is quite reminiscent of the film XU XU THE SENT DOWN GIRL.

7 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #48 – Under the Wirework Crane”

  1. I mentioned this on the last podcast comments but the delay for “Lover’s Discourse” is due to the movie studio trying to match up with the theatrical release in Mainland China which was recently approved for release around Jan 2011.

    1. Thanks for the info Gary. It was due to be out this week and I was really hoping to see it this month. There will be a limited release of the film in Hong Kong starting on December 18th weekend, but with my current schedule it looks like I still won’t be able to see it until January. :-/

  2. Got to see “Dream Home” on the big screen here in the UK today

    Didn’t entirely work for me – felt somewhat like two different films put together. The slasher side of the film had some terrific FX (the teenage gorehound in me loved the inventive kills) but it really jarred with the other part of the story (I felt that maybe they could have gone with Josie’s character being some kind of weird creepy stalker rather than a serial killer)

    I love watching Pang Ho Cheung’s films because he’s always trying for something but sadly for me this doesn’t sit up there with the best of his work

  3. Thanks so much to Tim for standing in this week. Really enjoyed the show and the discussion in the end.

  4. In regards to director Dennis Law not making any films in the coming months, I have finally read the article. He was quoted with the following comments. “It’s hard to catch up with the viewer’s tastes in film. It’s even more difficult to reap in the (monetary?) rewards. So I won’t be making any films in the next little while. In the meantime, I can’t ignore the Mainland market in any disregard for any future productions”.

    For the article (in Chinese), you can read it right here.

    1. Thanks for the info Gary. I guess Director Law smells the money in the mainland. In a way I’m kinda torn by the news as I keep hoping he’ll make better movies.

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