East Screen / West Screen #50 – Bruce Lee vs. The World

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And so our final episode of 2010 comes in at last.  We recorded on December 8th and so I am only two weeks late in getting this one edited and posted.  That’s a slight improvement over the last episode.  Hopefully the turn around time will improve in 2011. 😀  Happy Holidays everyone!!!

ES News:

  1. Celestial downloads mobile deal in Singapore (FilmBiz Asia)
  2. China film policy through new eyes (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Yamato has stellar opening (FilmBiz Asia)
  4. Upcoming Chinese/Asian films during the holidays

Interlude – Greensleeves by Vince Guaraldi  (iTunes Link)

East Screen:


WS News:

  1. Ricky Gervais, Emily Blunt Sneak Into Muppets Movie (The Hollywood Reporter)

Interlude – Joy to the World by Bruce Mitchell  (iTunes Link)

West Screen:


Interlude – Winter Wonderland (Vocal Mix) by Madison Park  (iTunes Link)

NEXT EPISODE (#51) – See you all in 2011!

3 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #50 – Bruce Lee vs. The World”

  1. Just saw Scott Pilgrim and loved it! And I’d have to say,
    being from Toronto myself, I can honestly say I had a few more
    extra laughs seeing familiar parts of Toronto in the movie. I see
    many shots taken outside the Honest Ed’s store, the Second Cup
    coffee shop, TTC buses and yes, these really do exist within the
    GTA (that’s Great Toronto Area for the geographically uninitiated.)
    And apparently, the girl who plays Knives Chau was an alumni of
    L’Amoreaux Collegiate which is actually not too far from my old
    home. I went to a neighboring school around that same area. In
    fact, I went to Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute which is
    exactly the same place actor Mike Myers (yeah, that Austin Powers
    fella) went to back in the early 1980’s. I even recall an incident
    where many Leacock students including myself ran into a very
    familiar face. He was just getting out of a barber shop and was
    about to walk into his convertible Benz. I’m not sure if guys would
    actually remember him but back in the early 90s, this particular
    person sang a fairly popular song called “Informer” (which oddly
    enough, was parodied by Jim Carrey on an episode of “In Living
    Color”). I might be getting off-topic here but yeah, Scott Pilgrim
    VS The World is definitely recommended for those who are familiar
    with the video game culture.

  2. I had to register again! 🙁

    Not been around much lately (work has been super busy over the whole Christmas period) but am now catching up on the podcasts 🙂

    Loving your work as always – here’s to 2011!

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