East Screen / West Screen #51 – Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue

I promise to love, cherish and cheat...

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Reflections on 2010

Happy New Year everyone! For the first episode of 2011 Kevin and I go back to cover some of the holiday movies of December.  Since we had so many films to cover and things to catch up on, we did not do any news coverage this time, but will get back to that in the next episode.

My apologies for all the posting delays of late.  These delays are the result of the MacBook Pro I record which has been intermittently quitting during recording sessions since November last year.  These ‘quits’ result in less than ideal focus of attention during recording and a ton of postproduction editing to smooth things out.  I have tried to troubleshoot the heck out of this problem including upgrading to 8G of RAM and using an external hard drive to record to.  Nothing has solved the problem so far.  It only started occurring once I upgraded to the Snow Leopard OS and iLife’11.  I am not sure exactly which of these instigated the issue, but there it is.  My plan is to try using Logic Pro in the coming episodes to see if that will be more stable.  In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and support of the show.

I’d like to also say a big thanks to Rob Geboers of Schnauzer Studios for agreeing to compose the new theme for us.  I have been a big fan of his work on podcasts for years and hope you all will enjoy his inspired creation for the show.





Interlude – Norwegian Wood By The Norwegian Wood Orchestra  (iTunes Link)






The Road Less Travelled [一路有你] ,

Let the Bullets Fly [讓子彈飛] ,

5 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #51 – Something Borrowed, Something Black & Blue”

  1. For me it’s a challenge to nail down an opinion on films like Tron:Legacy or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because the originals are tied up in the warm glow of nostalgia. They were a huge influence during my formative years.

    Objectively it was a bit of a let down for many of the reasons cited. There’s just not a lot to the movie, especially the second half. And they needed to flesh out the whole Rinzler thing a bit more, it didn’t have much impact as presented.

    But realistically speaking, it was never going to live up to decades of hype and youthful expectations — and my initial impressions were that I enjoyed it more than Indy 4.

    My nephew is around the age I was when the original came out, he was excited to see it and borrowed my copy of the first film to watch beforehand. He liked them both, and now can watch the first Tron whenever he wants on his iPod Touch. As Paul said, would have been nice if the Tron world had reflected some of those advances. 🙂

  2. In regards to the subtitle of the week, I believe Ekin Cheng had a similar quote in the movie “For Bad Boys Only”. Except I think he used bubble gum as part of his analogy. Tastes great and fruity at first but once it loses its flavor, you’d just spit it out.

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