East Screen / West Screen #55 – All’s Well That Blogs Well

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Running Time (1:29:51)

Interlude – Joyful Encounter La La La La La [喜相逢啦啦啦啦啦] – (iTunes Link)

  • ALL’S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 [最強囍事] – TRAILER



  • WHAT WOMEN WANT [我知女人心]

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10 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #55 – All’s Well That Blogs Well”

  1. Good timing on the interview, I saw The Good, the Bad, the Weird via Netflix Watch Instantly last night and loved it. (even if the ending is a little noncommittal) And yes, it was subtitled. :). There are at least 40 more Korean language films available for streaming so I guess some Americans are watching. ( tempted to run out and grab the Blu-Ray tomorrow, but the U.S. version is 1080i for some screwy reason)

    And the good thing about being single on Valentine’s Day is you get to pick out your own gift — I ordered a bunch of B-movies courtesy of YesAsia’s $7.99 DVD sale. How can a box of chocolates possibly compare to The Blue Jean Monster or I Love Maria? 🙂

  2. Watching “All’s Well Ends Well 2011” right now. I’m actually surprised that there is a reference to “South Park”. (Louis Koo sang the “bitch” song at Lynn Hung in this specific scene.)

  3. Speaking of Blu Rays (as you were briefly) : I finally got around to watching the HK blus of the “Election” films I picked up last summer! 😮

    I saw the first one in the cinema here and had both of them on UK DVD but they’re really good so I figured they’d worth the upgrade.

    Wow – were they ever! The sound off of the UK DVD’s seems really muted by comparison. The score and the songs really leap out at you so much it’s like they’re another character in the film (very good quality picture too although it was the sound that really struck me)

    I watched both films back to back which was fun and really brings into focus what an achievment they are – I’m a To fan but I don’t know that he’s hit one out of the park since these two

  4. HongKongDave,

    “I’m a To fan but I don’t know that he’s hit one out of the park since these two”

    EXILED is an amazing technical achievement, and he did co-direct MAD DETECTIVE. Still, ELECTION was so good I wouldn’t have minded sitting through the originally intended three-hour version in one sit

  5. Actually, “Vengeance” was pretty good. I managed to see it on the big screen at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and it is truly a must-see film on the big screens. Lots of comic relief thrown out and generally gathered great viewer response. In fact, Johnnie To and Johnny Hallyday were both in attendance at the screening. I even managed to bump into Johnnie To at a restaurant on that very same week. Didn’t approach him as I’ve heard he has a temper tantrum problem. (And apparently, a friend of mine whom I will keep anonymous heard a similar thing about Johnnie To as well. She wrote a script and has been approaching other Hong Kong film makers lately.)

  6. I must be getting old or something because while all To’s post-Election have plenty going for them (and not the same things each time either) they just dropped somewhat short of the bullseye in the storytelling department for me 🙁

  7. Tinlunlau,

    I saw the world premiere of Vengeance at the Hong Kong International Film Festival’s Summer Edition with To and the cast in attendance myself. Even in a full house, the film didn’t get much reaction, and I stand by my review that the film is too much of a slow-burn thing to thrill. Technically, it’s wonderfully made (I own the Blu-ray because of that), but it’s too much tension-setting and too little story.

    As for To’s tantrum, it’s pretty well-known that he’s one of the meanest straight shooter in the industry. That’s the way a lot of directors from the 80s and 90s are, especially with To’s television training in rushed productions. If I had to make a film like The Mission in 20 days with a HK$2 million budget, I’d be screaming to get things done, too.

  8. heh…so technically speaking, you actually got to see “vengeance” before me. the toronto screening happened on a september if i’m not mistaken. i liked the mixed tension thrown throughout the movie and that made it a terrific theatre experience. (eg. the shootout scene in the beginning where the husband gets shot in the eye still startles me to this very day) it’s certainly impossible to replicate on home video. that is for sure.

    most of the toronto viewers seemed to love Lam Suet’s scene-stealing performance and they never stopped asking Johnnie To about him.

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