East Screen / West Screen #56 – The 56 Podcasts

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INTERVIEW:  (Part 1)


Interlude – That’s Life – Frank Sinatra – (iTunes Link)


[西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒 /  西遊記大結局之仙履奇緣]

This is what we think of the Blu-ray features.



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9 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #56 – The 56 Podcasts”

  1. Best price I’ve seen “on my travels” for the Chinese Odyssey blu ray set is about HK$300

    Very interesting interview with Scott Johnson – I look forward to part two!

    I’ve just made a Yes Asia order for 8 of those popcorn night films too – Lam Ching Ying, Richard Ng & John Sham feature heavily 🙂

  2. Speaking of Andy Lau, I can’t wait for his new flick in which he co-stars with Deanie Ip which is apparently based on a true story about a wealthy man’s relationship with his nanny. Director Ann Hui mentioned somewhere that they’ve completed 2/3rd’s of the movie as of now.

    1. Those two always made a good pair in Andy’s younger days, so I will look forward to it. Though it does sound kinda like the Dudley Moore film ARTHUR (1981).

      1. Some non-Cantonese speaking moviegoers might be unaware of this but Deanie Ip and Andy Lau were paired up on the Cantonese dub of the Disney film “Pocahontas”. If memory serves me right, Andy Lau was the voice of John Smith and Deanie was the voice of that old tree thingy. I forgot who played Pocahontas. It’s been years since I’ve seen it.

    1. Kevin did a film review for CONFESSIONS back in Episode 45 of last year. But if you would like a review of the DVD/Blu-ray specifics, I will see if Kevin can get it on his to-review list for an upcoming show. I am sure he will get it (if he has not already) since it was a top pick of his for last year.

  3. Doh! It was a festival screening right??

    The UK gets it on DVD / Blu in April and I’ve heard lots of good things about it but wanted to know what you guys thought about it – I’ll go back and check out Episode 45!

    IMDB has “The Monkey King” listed for a July 7th release in 2012 – might have to make sure I’m in HK for that 🙂

  4. Confessions got a Hong Kong theatrical release, but I saw it even earlier on a plane ride and loved it. The Hong Kong Blu-ray came out last week, and hoping to get my copy before we record the next episode.

  5. Cool 🙂

    I have the UK Blu on pre-order from Amazon UK for what amounts to HK$135 (new release non-action Asian films on Blu usually cost at least 25% more than that here so I was very pleased with that)

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