East Screen / West Screen #57 – You Sank My Space Battleship

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Running Time (1:25:45)

INTERVIEW:  (Part 2)
  • So the Oscars…yeah, that just happened.
  • Zhang Ziyi says Wong Kar Wai’s IP MAN shoot has no end in sight


Interlude – Theme from Space Battleship Yamato (1974)


If you don't get this right I'll make you dance with Jar Jar!




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7 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #57 – You Sank My Space Battleship”

  1. I’m not entirely sold on digital distribution because I’m not ready to cede complete control of my media library to the studios and content providers. Rights issues are always going to create a rotating door of availability, especially if your tastes are a little off the beaten path.

    I love Netflix streaming, but even if you include their DVD offerings the selection is sorely lacking. It’s best approached as a visit to a virtual video store — you’re likely to find something fun to watch, but if you have your heart set on watching a particular film you’re often disappointed.

    I do use Steam for PC gaming, but in that case the dirt cheap sale prices make up for the fact that I’m buying a license to play the game versus the actual game itself. (and I tend to rewatch movies more than I replay games) Plus it provides other perks like seamless patching.

    Ditto for the iPhone/iPad — I’m not thrilled with the idea of apps that are tied to a single platform, but the prices are so low that I think I get my money’s worth — even if I eventually switch to another phone brand and lose access to them. But I’m sure I’d be horrified if I added up all those 99 cent purchases.

    As for ebooks, I just can’t go there yet. I can live with games/apps being tied to specific platforms if the price is right, but not books. Books are meant to be shared, to be handed down, to toss in a box and reread 20 years later. What if Amazon or Comixology go out of business one day, would I still have access to my collection? Too many unanswered questions, especially when you’re not really saving much money by going digital. Unless of course you travel a lot, then somthing like a Kindle makes more sense.

    It’s not all bad though. I definitely purchase fewer DVDs these days, I tend to focus on stuff that A) I’m likely to rewatch and B) is less mainstream/not as likely to be available via DD. For example, I almost bought the Monsters Blu-ray on a whim a few days ago. Decided against it, came home and there it was on Netflix streaming. That’s $24.99 saved, especially considering the fact that I didn’t really care for the movie.

    For me, the combination of a physical video library and a device like Apple TV offers the best of both worlds for movie fans: you enjoy the convenience of streaming plus the ownership and peace of mind that your favorite films will always be around.

  2. I know this is gonna sound random but hear me out.
    I think Anthony Wong Chau-Seng would be perfect as Lobo (a DC Comics character). Lobo isn’t exactly race-specific. In fact, his face is painted black and white. Anthony Wong definitely has that physical look and rocker attitude to match Lobo.

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