East Screen / West Screen #61 – A Fut Full of Dullards

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Running Time (57:28)

  1. China box office down 11% in Q1 (FilmBiz Asia)
  2. Construction underway on $4.4 billion Shanghai Disneyland (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Updates on relief efforts for Japan and effect on media.
  • Days of Sadness for Japan


Look, I made an X,...X is for X-Man.

Interlude – Rio – Duran Duran (iTunes Link)



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5 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #61 – A Fut Full of Dullards”

  1. Choy Lee-Fut…what a wasted opportunity…
    The producers shoulda hired my friend’s sifu Garry Chau (周景揚師傅) for this movie. In fact, Garry starred in a number of action films in Hong Kong during the early 90s. Many of them seemed to be produced by that defunct studio which name has seemed to escape me. (D&B? 德寶, was it?) But it just so happens that Garry really is a Choy Lee-Fut practitioner. His disciple who’s a very close friend of mine tried to pass on some of Garry’s knowledge to me but I gave up after one day of training. (I had to…half my toenail was gone after training. bled like crazy!)

  2. And speaking of the Japanese guy in “Choy Lee Fut”, was his name Kane Kosugi by any chance? Think he’s half Chinese.

  3. Choy Lee Fut – someone gave them some bad advice about the UK cafe issue…..it should have been a pub then it would have been true! 😛

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