East Screen / West Screen #62 – Smells Like Screen Spirit

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Running Time (1:26:46)

  • Days of Sadness for Japan


  • MR. & MRS. SINGLE [隱婚男女] – TRAILER

My my...what foxy eyes you have.

Interlude – Opening – Renee From LEAVING ME LOVING YOU [大城小事] OST (YesAsia Link)



Chapman To reads a found rant  on 3D SEX & ZEN (Cantonese/Chinese – warning: features adult language/content) – Thanks to Gary Lau for the link.



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13 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #62 – Smells Like Screen Spirit”

  1. Thanks for giving me a quick mention on the podcast, guys!
    I actually wouldn’t mind recording an episode with you guys about the discussion of subtitling which I do have prior experience with the folks of Joy Sales, Diskotek Media and Fortune Star. Maybe we can arrange that someday.

    1. Gary, that sounds like a possible idea for a future episode to focus on subtitling vs dubbing. Will run it by the K-MAn

  2. And speaking of “The Lost Bladesman”, I managed to check out this movie last weekend. Thought it was really well done. Much better executed than “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen”.

  3. From a UK perspective “A Chinese Ghost Story” is up there with “Mr Vampire” among the biggest non-Bruce/Jackie/Jet/CYF Hong Kong films – new copies of the now deleted UK release go for around HK$400 (the also deleted UK release of “Mr Vampire” goes for about HK$500 new)

    I’m with Paul on “Painted Skin”! 🙂

  4. The original ’87 Chinese Ghost Story is still very fresh in my mind to this very day. I rewatch the trilogy every few years. But it’s very hard to find a decent copy of the animated film, though. I hope ERA or whoever has the rights to the animated Chinese Ghost Story re-release it to DVD or better yet, bluray.

    And onto another topic, why is Patrick Kong’s last name Kong when his Chinese surname is clearly “Yip”? I’ve always been wondering about that.

    1. This is in PAL and not NTSC, right?
      I actually remember watching it in theatres during my trip in Hong Kong back in August 1997. Looked really good on the big screen. I even remember that this theatre was in a huge boat. Owned by UA, I believe.

      For an animated flick, I thought it was really good. The late great James Wong even dubbed his voice as Red Beard (Yin Chek-Ha). Also note that he was also the voice of the same character originally played by Wu Ma in the 1987 film. I never knew the guy personally but he certainly knew my family. My grand-uncle was his classmate at La Salle Academy and another uncle of mine was his classmate (and close friend) at HKU. I even have an old VCD filmed at my cousin’s wedding where Uncle James came as an invited guest. A rare collectible if you ask me.

      1. Seems like everyone knows someone famous but me. I met a girl here who knew Andy Lau from before he was famous (like secondary school) and had a few old family pictures to prove it. Sadly, I know a grand total of 0 famous people ha ha…hope my karma reverses in my next life. 😉

        1. Trust me, it ain’t worth much to brag about anyway.
          And Leslie Cheung’s brother drinks like a fish! I mean that literally. My dad was a close friend of Uncle Diddy and we would all gather at another friend’s place so the adults can play mahjong. Uncle Diddy takes turns with his wife sometimes so he can rest up a bit. I was 15 at the time and would often sit in a corner by the bar, sneaking for alcohol and drink by myself. Uncle Diddy found me drinking and dragged me to the living room. I thought I was in big shit. Turns out I would end up drinking with the guy. I got drunk after a few and Diddy’s still sittin’ there drinking. I’m tellin’ you, Leslie’s brother can drink like a fish.

          But that was back in the mid to late 90s. I don’t know how he is now.

    2. I’ve got a copy ACGS: The Animation somewhere back in the states on either DVD or VCD. I always loved it. Would be really happy if it got a good Blu-ray release…but if they don’t do it in conjunction with the new film’s DVD release, then I doubt we will see it for a while.

      1. I doubt a new re-release of the animation would ever come in conjunction with the new film’s release. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to convince the folks at Joy Sales to release the old Ninja Turtles trilogy in conjunction with the release of the “new” (at the time) TMNT movie? But they finally succumbed to my suggestion and finally released it to DVD along with the Cantonese dub featuring the voices of Beyond.

  5. TLL – the animated ACGS listed on amazon.co.uk is the US release (never got a UK release sadly)

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