East Screen / West Screen #63 – Old Gods and Black Pods

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Running Time (1:24:30)

  1. Hui rewarded in Udine (FilmBiz Asia)
  • Days of Sadness for Japan


Interlude – Fade – Ryuichi Sakamoto From ROYAL SPACE FORCE: WINGS OF HONNEAMISE OST (YouTube Link)




Some spoilerage of THOR at the very end of the episode.


NEXT EPISODE (#64) – Punished [報應], Fast and Furious 5

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9 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #63 – Old Gods and Black Pods”

    1. I could never forget “Rob-B-Hood”!!!
      I literally pulled an all-nighter doing finishing touches working on the Hong Kong release of that DVD. I mean, literally. Immediately fell asleep at 8am when I was done.

    2. I’ve certainly done everything in my power to try and forget that film. I recall it being ok for me…up until they jumpstarted the baby. o_O

      1. I’m usually pretty lenient when it comes to Jackie movies, I even kind of liked The Myth. But the prospect of a baby in serious danger just isn’t entertaining, much less in an action/comedy — you’d think someone would have noticed during filming.

        1. Come to think of it, I don’t really remember much about “The Myth” either. I was pretty drunk and plastered at the world premiere of the film at the Toronto Filmfest. Jackie Chan and his crew saw me trip over the stairs and punching my friend as I fell. lol! Some say that it’s a waste of $30 to watch a movie at a filmfest in this drunken condition. But then again, I went in for free so I guess that’s okay.

          I did remember having a hard time not to laugh at the cheesy green screen effect.

  1. Heimdall’s casting doesn’t bother me, and he’s probably my favorite Norse god. He’s a minor character, plus he’s a god, alien or whatever the Asgardians are in this movie — we don’t really know what they’re supposed to look like.

    But I do think there are instances where you need a Caucasian in a role, especially for characters with rich prior histories in other media.

    You wouldn’t shoot a modern Zorro film with a non-Hispanic actor, but if you suggest that a Peter Parker probably needs to remain white you’re automatically branded a racist. Sure, you could shoot a film with a black Steve Rogers (remember the Will Smith rumors?), but don’t be surprised if you alienate existing fans who aren’t necessarily bigots, just very attached to a character they’ve come to know and love over the years.

  2. TLL – your all-nighter paid off as it is one of the most substantial HK DVD releases of recent years 🙂

    RBH isn’t my personal favourite JC film by any stretch but it does work really well with a family audience

    1. Thanks for the compliment but I always figured “The Myth” was more packed with extras. It had 3 DVD’s worth of content!!! And by that, I’m referring to the Avant Garde Edition. Little odd that the movie discs only included a DTS track. Woulda been more balanced if they split the film in 2 discs to pack in that same video and audio quality and include a regular Dolby 5.1 track. But instead, they decided to include DTS only, which is frustrating for some as not everybody has a sound system that supports DTS.

      In my personal opinion, I don’t feel as if I was as involved with “Rob-B-Hood” DVD. I was heavily busy with Dog Bite Dog at the time and I had initially only dealt with about 40 percent of translating that commentary plus that all-nighter last minute editing. Working with these translations, it only shocks you to see your old work years after working on them only realize that you coulda done it another way.

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