East Screen / West Screen #64 – The Rich and The Ridiculous

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Running Time (1:06:26)

  1. Bladesman cuts to top of China BO (FilmBiz Asia)
  2. Aftershock shakes Udine (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Terracotta, NYIFF announce winners (FilmBiz Asia)




Interlude – Move B!7C# – Ludacris (iTunes Link)





Some spoilerage of the Fast and Furious series at the very end of the episode.



Listener David Lam sent over some funny cartoon doodles.  He has also posted them over on a new blog he is starting and you can take a look here http://milkywaywonderland.wordpress.com/

We tend to love creative stuff like this, so if you get a moment of inspiration as well don’t hesitate to send it along.




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4 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #64 – The Rich and The Ridiculous”

  1. Personally, I like to lampoon the F&F series by calling the “Slow and the Curious” series. Especially with Fast Five. Coulda sworn this movie made me fall asleep within the first 30 minutes of the film.

  2. Isn’t Keanu also rumored to star in the upcoming Cowboy Bebop movie? It would be nice if they gave some Asian unknowns or foreign stars a chance, but this is Hollywood… shouldn’t come as a big surprise. And I wonder if they’ve waited too long for these anime adaptations — the bubble has burst here in the States, it’s far less popular than it used to be.

    For East Screen I’ve been watching some fun B-movies lately: Future Cops, Naked Killer, Thunder Cops, etc. There’s nothing like a good flying-ghost-head-versus-missile-firing-R/C-helicopter scene to remind you why you got into Hong Kong movies in the first place. Any recommendations?

    For West Screen I’ve been checking out some quirky documentaries via iTunes and Netflix. Monster Camp and Darkon take a look the phenomenon of live-action role players: people who trek out into the woods on their day off to escape from the real world, dress up in medieval costumes and armor and whack each other with padded swords and spell bags. Hell House documents the planning and performance of a yearly religious haunted house in suburban Dallas. They substitute traditional holiday horrors with modern day hot-button issues like abortion and AIDS in an attempt to sway unbelievers. All pretty decent.

  3. Well, if there’s any consolation, Keanu Reeves is technically part Asian. His dad is half Chinese so that makes Keanu a quarter Chinese.

  4. Paul / Kevin – is it just me or is it the case that the vast majority of HK blu rays are Region A locked these days? Seemed to be a pretty even split a year or two ago – not that it’s something that bothers me since I got a Region A blu ray player in HK last year! 😛

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