East Screen West Screen #66 – Sequality?

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Running Time (1:05:29)

Interlude – Presenting the Hook – John Williams – HOOK OST (iTunes Link)








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6 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #66 – Sequality?”

  1. Another blu ray question : whilst Hong Kong blu rays of recent local films are of a generally high standard blu rays of older titles are as often as not a little patchy quality wise – which in your opinions are the best local blu rays of older films? Also does the new HK blu ray of John Woo’s “The Killer” top the US release?

    1. “The Killer” is a Fortune Star release so you can expect the same good o’ Fortune Star DVD upscaled quality.

  2. With Gantz do you think there might in time be a set that edits the two film and the TV version together to form a whole?

  3. TLL – So no better than the US release then! 😛

    Kevin : Re blu ray region coding : didn’t occur to me that it might be a distributor issue – I guess that’s why you do what you do and I do what I do! 🙂

    1. From what I gather, that is the case (re: The Killer).

      About the region coding issue, I had an incident where I was completely deceived. I bought the LMF documentary “Dare Ya!” many years ago since I was a huge fan of the Hong Kong hip hop group Lazy Motherfuckaz. The DVD cover states that it’s an all region disc (which it is) and that it is in NTSC. But as I attempted to play the disc, it came to my attention that the disc itself is actually PAL. Moral of the story? Sometimes, Hong Kong DVD distributors don’t fill in accurate info on their DVD’s in regards to region coding. This kind of incidents have occur on many other occasions where the first printing DVD’s are all region but was later switched to becoming region locked. Best way to avoid the confusion is to consult with DVD message forums to get the skinny on the discs.

  4. This is a off-topic matter. But has anyone seen the premiere episode of “Ghetto Justice” on TVB yet? It’s the new series starring Kevin Cheng, and Sam Lee (in his first TVB series) replacing last month’s “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir”.

    Yes, I know Sam Lee was in that Monkey King series but technically speaking, TVB only bought worldwide distro rights. So it’s actually not a TVB production and therefore, “Ghetto Justice” is his first TVB series starring role.

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