East Screen / West Screen #7


This week in show number seven Kevin talks a bit about his potential picks for the HKAFF, and we discuss, among other things, the poor performance of Mainland films in Hong Kong, a surprise visit by a hockey mom to Hong Kong, and thoughts on the upcoming Michael Jackson film This Is It.

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(Running time – 00:49:01)

5 thoughts on “East Screen / West Screen #7”

  1. Thanks for the interesting discussion on ACCIDENT! I actually loved the final accident, even though it relies on such a completely inconceivable coincidence – in the greater context of the ending, it falls perfectly in line with the usual Milkyway themes of karma/fate/etc – but then again I also liked the ending of EYE IN THE SKY, so maybe it’s just me…

    1. Despite our nit-picking Timo, I think both Kevin and I really liked Accident. I had meant to point out that the points I was being critical on really were minor in the overall scope of the film. (MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD>>) As for the ‘accidents’ themselves, the first one really bothered me the most, when contrasted with the need for repetition that the middle one seemed to take (to get the specifics just right). The final accident was ok, and, as you mention, I think the resolution was where it needed to go for the character of Brain to really come full circle, my biggest problem was with the ‘natural event’ that occurs which (A) won’t happen to that extent in Hong Kong and (B) even if it were going to happen it would be such a major thing that everyone would know about it (a point which I must give credit to Kozo at LHKF for making during our discussion of the film). I think they probably could have done the final accident equally well without that event…but seems they wanted to go for spectacle. Again though, these are minor nit-picks and overall I immensely enjoyed the film.

  2. I understand that you guys have a limited amount of time to cover news, newly released films from the east & west, and your picks of the week, but I was hoping you could devote a few minutes to “upcoming” Asian releases such as The Treasure Hunter, Qiuxi, Mulan, Bodyguards And Assassin & The Storm Warriors. Most of these films are coming in the next few months and have stills and trailers to provide talking points. I would love to hear your excitement or lack thereof for these films and why. Do you think you could fit in one or two a week for upcoming Asian films (ones with solid release dates) that you are looking forward to? Anway, I love the podcast. Many thanks.

    1. Many thanks for your comments Pro. I think your suggestion is a great one and will try to work with Kevin on the best way to work this in. In fact, the show is still very much in the ‘growing pains’ phase because of the need to get up to speed on the ‘tech’ aspects of production (some of which is still very new for me). For the content I hope to expand the podcast in areas that make it more applealing to listeners, so I very much welcome such suggestions as you have put forth. 😀

  3. I understand. Thanks for the reply. As far as the ‘tech’ aspects go, let me apploud you guys on the sound quality. That is one of the 1st things a podcast has to get right. Many’a’podcast have gone unlistened, not due to content, but due to audio quality. You guys have done a great job so far. Also, the little audio clips & songs are hokie, yet charming. Keep it up!

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