East Screen West Screen #77 – Please Proceed with the Procedural Plot

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On this episode we cover the latest Donnie Yen film, WU XIA [武俠] and a supernatural film adapted from an Italian comic, DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT.  We also chat with independent director Marco Sparmberg about his web series SQUATTERTOWN.  We discuss some of the funding controversy around William Shatner’s new documentary, THE CAPTAINS and Kevin shares his thoughts on a proposed Hong Kong remake of MR. and MRS. SMITH.

Running Time (1:27:49)

Movie Poster for WUXIA [武侠]   Movie Poster for DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT

Marco Sparmberg
  • Teaser

  1. William Shatner Vs. Canada (Fast Company)
  2. Asian Film Database to launch (FilmBiz Asia)
  3. Cecilia VS Donnie in Chinese take on MR AND MRS SMITH (Donnie’s Weibo)
  4. Rob Cohen to direct Korean War film (Hollywood Reporter)
  • WU XIA [武俠]






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8 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #77 – Please Proceed with the Procedural Plot”

  1. Hi guys. Thanks for trying to answer my question about Bey Logan. Sorry if it seemed like I was jumping to defend his honour, just wondered what your opinions were. Really enjoy your show and look forward to each episode, after listening to so many it’s nice to feel like your accessible to your audience. Keep up the great work.

  2. Speaking of William Shatner, he is going to be appearing at the upcoming FanExpo convention in Toronto at the end of this month and he will be screening his documentary “The Captains”. I’ll be going to the convention but I’m not sure if I’ll attend William Shatner’s thing as admissions for those tend to be insanely expensive.

    Oh yeah, I just got a email reply from the production crew of the upcoming remake of “Total Recall”. I will be a film extra in this movie and the day of the shoot is scheduled to be on the 22nd and 23rd of this month. I can’t wait to work on this and I hope I get to chat with Colin Farrell. If not, I’d like to buy him a 12 pack of beer at the very least. And from my understanding, they are shooting the movie on this weekend at Commerce Court in Toronto. Some of the downtown roads will be blocked on Sunday. That, I knew from the bulletins in some of those buildings that will be blocked for the day.

  3. I know you guys are gonna be reviewing Captain America for next week’s show. And since I just came back from watching the movie at the Silvercity Theatre in Fairview Mall, I’d just like to take the opportunity to say that I did not enjoy the theatre experience from watching this movie. And not to say the movie was bad but under the environment I was given in viewing this film, it would be unfair to grade this movie. Half the time, I was narrowing myself from falling asleep and this is mainly because the screen was so dark and the on-screen text was barely legible, it just kinda detracted myself from getting focused onto enjoying the film at all. I just hope you guys didn’t have to go through the dark screen effect. And the 3D was hardly there at all.

    I’d have to say skip the 3D version and just settle for 2D. And this is rare of me to say because in all honesty, I like watching films in 3D (if done right).

  4. I want to watch “Wu Xia” even more now! I dig Peter Chan’s work generally but I think his best work has intimate story telling (which can of course mean just about anything)

    It will wash away the bad taste of “Legend Of The Fist”? That’s a bold claim! 😛

    1. Sucks that I’m not in town to see “Wu Xia” in theatres. But I did get to Peter Chan’s “The Warlords” back when it hit theatres in December 2007. It was a tough choice for me that day. Cuz both “I Am Legend” and “The Warlords” had the same opening day. So I picked “The Warlords” on Thursday and then “I Am Legend” on the following day. Which brings me to a random question.

      Why do movies release theatrically on Thursdays in Hong Kong? Why not Friday?

    1. Thanks for the news link Gary. Kevin knows about it and wanted to mention it during last nights recording for ep 78, but I held off on news for a special rant, so we will bring it up next week on ep 79.

      1. This special rant better be about the dark screens and 3D! =p
        Anyway, I’m skipping work tomorrow for a costume fitting before I work a couple of days on the upcoming remake of “Total Recall”. They told me to dress in warm colors. But the only colors I wear are black, white and sometimes red. I hope they got a suit for me in case I don’t have the right kinda clothing for the movie.

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