East Screen West Screen #78 – The Smurfy States of America

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This week we look at THE WARRING STATES [戰國], a China film covering the famous Chinese military strategist Sun Bin [孫臏]. We also talk about the latest entry from the Marvel Comics line CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and we return to some nostalgic roots to discuss the latest iteration of THE SMURFS.  Kevin talks about the start of the Summer International Film Festival and Paul also digs up a famous film rant appropriate to the events of the week.

Running Time (1:27:56)

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6 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #78 – The Smurfy States of America”

  1. And onto the topic of Bey Logan, I don’t like him to a certain degree. Yes, I give him some credit for his knowledge of and enthusiasm to Hong Kong cinema. But he’s always kinda given me a vibe of arrogance at the same time. Like he’s some kinda know-it-all. I’ve actually heard some of his audio commentaries. Particularly the ones coming from Dragon Dynasty. On more than one occasion, he has slipped up and gave the wrong facts. He’s never really taken the effort in correcting his errors. Then there is also that comment concerning a good friend of mine by comparing her name to the name of a horse. Now that really ticked me off enough to pretty much cuss him out on his guestbook at alivenotdead.

    All in all, I don’t like Bey to a certain degree. However I do give him props for his enthusiasm but he’s a know-a-lot, not a know-it-all. Sorry if I’m a little blunt but that’s just the way I am and it all runs in the family. If you ever had the chance, y’all oughta hear what my grandfather would have to say about Yuen Wo-Ping whom he has worked with many years ago. But yeah…my grandfather’s opinion on Yuen Wo-Ping was not very pleasant at all. If I could say it out loud, I’d point out the things where I actually disagree with my grandpa. (My late grandfather Lau Shiu-Chuen was a Hong Kong record/movie producer in Hong Kong. Most notably, Yuen Cheong-Yan was the fight choreographer on the obscure Bruceploitation flick “The Big Boss, Part 2”)

    And also, just droppin’ the word out there, if anyone’s got a copy of “The Big Boss Part 2”, holla back! Cuz I’ve been seeking out for a copy of this flick all my life and I want to see what kinda crap he produced in the 70s. My dad always did tell me that it was a shitty movie. It stars Lo Lieh, Chan Wai-Man and one of the Bruce Lee clones. I think cityonfire.com used images from that movie for their website banner. I’ve got like multiple copies of the movie soundtrack in vinyl and cassette tape so this movie has always been like an obscure mystery to me since I was a little boy.

  2. I can’t comment on Logan directly because I’ve never been exposed to his work; but my problem with people like him in general is that they often let the title of “Asian film expert” go to their head. There’s a Ric Meyers interview of Stephen Chow on the U.S. release of Kung Fu Hustle that’s just excruciating to watch. When he’s not trying to make himself the center of the interview, he’s attempting to show off with mixed results:

    “I’m here with Stephen Chow Sing-Chi.”
    “Actually I’m Stephen Chow.”
    “You’re not Sing-Chi?”
    “Well yeah, but that’s my Chinese name.”

    1. I’ve actually attempted to contact Bey about helping him out with translation work since I have translating experience and the fact is, he was working on some of my past projects. (The English translation to the “Rob-B-Hood” director’s commentary track comes to mind. Dragon Dynasty was using the exact same commentary track.) And he did return my message to him. But he told me to send my resume to an email address that doesn’t work. I’ve tried to address the problem with him but there was never a reply from the guy.

      While I’m not trying to be hating or anything, I just don’t get good vibes from the guy. And that’s my take on Bey Logan.

  3. To be honest that was really what I was kind of expecting Paul and Kevin to say about Mr Logan. Guess it comes down to the fact that he seems knowledgeable to me because my exposure to Hong Kong film is limited by the fact that I only have DVD’s, books and the internet to inform me about the industry. In the almost 20 years I’ve now followed HK cinema, I’m still the only person I know who’s interested in these movie’s. Whereas tinlunlau and I’m sure a lot of the other listeners have much more of a connection to HK cinema having grown up watching it. As for the offer to get the gossip if I’m ever in HK I’d love to, but did Kevin really say that I’d need to get a Hooker!!!! 🙂

    1. I think foreign experts, super fans or whatever you want to call them are beneficial when it comes to generating exposure, if not necessarily being the best source of information around. (especially in this modern global digital age)

      I started out watching kung fu flicks in the late ’70s and early ’80s, then got a brief taste of Jackie Chan in movies like “Cannonball Run.” From there I lived in England for a bit, where many of his classic films were available at the local video store. (this didn’t happen in the States until “Rumble in the Bronx” took off)

      When I moved back home, I stumbled across a book titled “Sex, Zen and a Bullet in the Head.” It interested me because it had chapters on Jackie and classic kung fu movies, even a photo of my favorite. (“The Five Deadly Venoms”)

      But it also exposed me to a lot of material I knew absolutely nothing about: John Woo, Chow Yun-Fat, Taoist priests and hopping vampires, etc. From there I bought a few domestically released movies… joined a few message boards… and later found that you could order DVDs direct from Hong Kong as online shopping exploded. Recently I even started to branch out beyond movies that involved kicking or shooting people.

      So, while I’m sure it’s far from the most scholarly book on the subject, it did point me in the right direction. And since I can feel Paul squirm in his chair whenever he broaches this subject, I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

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