East Screen / West Screen #8


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival folks.  To those who are celebrating, try not to overindulge in mooncake madness.  This week we touch briefly on the two looming holidays (National Day – China and Mid-Autumn for Asia). Due to a lack of new screenings, the show this weeks East Screen segment will be modified to feature a discussion of some October film releases from China.

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  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (USA (2009)

Mid-Autumn Video Picks

(Running time – 00:57:41)

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  1. Thanks guys, I feel the same way about The Warrior & The Wolf. The visuals in the trailer look amazing, but we all have been burned by trailers before so… Did people feel the same way about Shu Qi back in the 90’s as they do Maggie Q today? Maggie gets alot of hate. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say about The Founding of a Republic. If only for the “Hey I know that guy!” star factor alone. Also, will you go to see Surrogates?

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