East Screen West Screen #82 – My Boss, My Buddy

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For episode 82 Kevin takes on the West Screen film HORRIBLE BOSSES, while I shove Wayne Wang’s latest Hollywood film  SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN [雪花秘扇] over into the East Screen section.  We also talk about the new Bollywood blockbuster making waves on India’s screens, and a short rant on Hulu launching in Japan.

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3 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #82 – My Boss, My Buddy”

  1. ***Warning: this post may contain spoilers***

    Just came back from watching “Love in Space” and to be honest, it SUCKED!!! Yes, there was chemistry in the cast but at the same time, it kinda reminds me of a poor man’s “Eat Man Drink Woman”. Although I think the sub-plot between Eason Chan and Kwai Lun-mei was fine. The teddy bear scene was…uh…yeah, I don’t see how that is going to be humanly possible. Unless your toilet is super-strong enough to flush down a plush teddy, I suppose that’s okay. But yeah, that’s my initial thoughts on the movie.

    Chapman To’s appearance was way too brief!!!

  2. Finally saw Johnnie To’s “Life without Principle” tonight. First half felt a little slow because all those financial stuff thrown in just confused the hell outta me. But at the same time, they also get into the perspective of the old lady in the film who is as confused as I am. Another thing I also need to point out is, Lam Suet is not in this movie…AT ALL!! I even asked Johnnie To about it during the Q&A and he explained that he wanted to do something different this time around and stated that Lau Ching-Wan who plays the buffoon triad gofer guy is the one providing most of the comedic relief so (and as he quoted in English) “With Lam Suet (in this movie), there is no Lau Ching-Wan.” He also had a grand applause after a man asked why he chose to do this movie on film and not on digital. Johnnie To replied by saying that he’s not familiar with digital recording and that he has more of a preference to using film.

    And the interaction between Lau Ching-Wan and veteran ATV actor Keung Ho-Man was hilarious. But I’ll try to explain that when I get around to recording my audio review.

  3. forgot to mention this here but Johnnie To has said during the Q&A that “Election 3” is now under development and he is expecting production to start sometime in 2014 or 2015. He said this in plain ol’ English.

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