East Screen West Screen #86 – More Bean than Bond, More Fake than Snake

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This week for episode 86 our line-up includes a revolution, a remake and a rebirth. For East Screen we look at Jackie Chan’s 100th film 1911 [辛亥革命] followed by Jet Li’s latest battle with CGI spirits in THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE [白蛇傳說].  For West Screen Kevin brings out his inner Bond to cover JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN as well as talking about some news for upcoming film-fests.

Running Time (1:30:50)








  1. Golden Horse announce nominations (Filmbiz Asia)
  2. 2011 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival Picks (HKAFF site)




THE 33D INVADER [蜜桃成熟時33D] (contains adult content)


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2 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #86 – More Bean than Bond, More Fake than Snake”

  1. “1911” actually came out in North America this week. In fact, it’s officially out since yesterday. But it’s only out on limited theatrical release so it’s pretty hard to find a theatre that’ll be playing it. Even harder for Toronto since it’s only playing at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Downtown. Parking’s a bitch in downtown!

  2. Ugh…my experience at TIFF Bell Lightbox was dreadful! Didn’t get to see the movie but what pissed me off was they didn’t allow me to get a full refund. We had a change of plans and decided not to watch the movie. Also, 720p (pretty much equivalent to 1080i) is still high definition. Just not full HD. DVD is at best 480p.

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