East Screen West Screen #87 – Eastravaganza

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After a week hiatus due to technically issues beyond our control, the show has returned.  An in an effort to keep current with everything Hong Kong has to offer, we focus on five East Screen features.  Starting off is the Category III (somewhere between R and NC17) film THE 33D INVADER [蜜桃成熟時33D].  We then switch to a more mundane romantic comedy with Angelababy’s latest LOVE YOU YOU [夏日樂悠悠].  Next is the docu-action-biopic of Qui Jin, THE WOMAN KNIGHT OF MIRROR LAKE [競雄女俠秋瑾].  Then things turn to the mythic with  MURAL [畫壁] and finally heading back to a film all about Hong Kong with LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE [奪命金].  To help us take on all of this filmic food, we are joined by Michael Suen of www.21cb.net . And since it is our first show since the passing of Steve Jobs, we each take a moment to share some of out thoughts about the man who reshaped culture for much of the world.




















  1. Goodbye Steve Jobs


  • THE 33D INVADER [蜜桃成熟時33D]

  • LOVE YOU YOU [夏日樂悠悠]


    •  MURAL [畫壁]




  • None this week


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6 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #87 – Eastravaganza”

  1. I’d buy 4 out of those 5 on blu!

    Your 33D Invader trailer looks an awful lot like 1911! 😛

    Watched it on you tube and was crying with laughter! 😀

    “A Simple Life” looks really good too if the trailer is anything to go by

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the trailer mistake Dave. I think I got it fixed. 🙂 From discussions we have had over the past week, I think I enjoyed MURAL far more than any of the rest of the gang did. Really looking forward to that one on Blu-ray. Speaking of Blu-ray, I should probably try and get PAINTED SKIN at some point.

  2. Hey, Paul! This post is going to be a bit of doozy so I’ll apologize in advance before I begin. And anyone out there who hasn’t seen “Life Without Principle”, you might want to skip over the following spoiler-filled post.

    But as you have mentioned on your podcast review, there is a scene where Lau Ching-Wan is constantly blinking his eyes. There was only one scene in particular where he is blinking and that is when he was talking to actor Keung Ho-Man (the underground stocks guy). Panther (Lau Ching-Wan) only kept blinking because he was extremely nervous over unfamiliar territory which in his case, was investing in stocks. It was not Tourette’s Syndrome. In fact, this was confirmed by the man himself. Johnnie To. (Someone had actually asked Johnnie To directly about this during the Q&A at the Toronto screening back in early September. He also went into great lengthy details about Lau Ching-Wan’s character who is basically your typical triad gofer boy. There might be youtube videos taken from the Toronto Q&A. I only managed to record a minute of it due to low battery on my cell phone.)

  3. And in response to Kevin’s reaction to the ending, I think the ending was fine. Especially when the gimcrack wins through his “error”. Couldn’t help but root for the guy.


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